Saturday , August 17 2019

Çatalhöyük’s story in London

Çatalhöyük is without a doubt one of the world’s most important archaeological discoveries from the neolithic age. situated in the central Anatolia, with its two different mounds dated circa 8 or 6 thousand years BC, this neolithic city witnessed the hunter gatherers, the transition to settled life with agriculture, and the deep transformation and changing of the humanity.

In 2017, which was the 25th anniversary of the studies revealing the historical importance of Çatalhöyük, Koç university research center for Anatolian civilizations (Anamed), gathered the regional studies with the passionate of archaeology and history through the exhibition “the curious case of Çatalhöyük”.


The exhibition was brought to London this fall by the school of oriental and African studies in the university of London. the exhibition that displays the unknown parts of the excavation carried in çatalhöyük since 25 years with innovative exhibition techniques, will be available in Soas Brunei until December 15th.